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1/4/95 Elementary School Journal



Today we had our chapel. Everyone that was in the Rip Van Christmas was congratulated. I thought it was a lot of fun be congratulated.

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1/12/95 Elementary School Journal



We had a visit from Two Arrows on Nov. 2nd, 1994. He brought lots of furs. I liked the skin scrapper. I thought that the buffalo skull was totally tubular.

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1/3/95 Elementary School Journal



The most precious gift I received was being with my mom and dad. Because being with my parents is the most precious thing of all. Because I love my parents.

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1/24/95 Elementary School Journal



Today is Tuesday. Nathan came to school. We are going to have a new activity this week. Nathan is siting right next to me. Nathan asked to be on my soccer team.

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Elementary School Journal

I found an old elementary school journal of mine and thought that it would be fun to go through and post all of my old entries. If you have ever heard of Mortified Nation, its kind of like that but much more tame. Let me know what you think and post of some of your own if you have them.

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