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1/20/95 Elementary School Journal



Today we are going to move across the hall to room 205. Mrs. Cress is moving to room 200. It was fun moving. I hope we move again.

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1/23/95 Elementary School Journal



Today is Monday. The weather man was wrong. We did not get a storm. I’m glad we didn’t get a storm so we could pick up my brother in Springfield.

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1/18/95 Elementary School Journal



Today is Wednesday. It is raining. If the temperature keeps falling it might snow. I hope it snows so I can go and play. I would go out and make a giant snowman. I would also have a snowball fight with my mom and dad.

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1/17/95 Elementary School Journal

Today we watched a video called “Heavens Gates, Hells Flames.” I liked it when one of the workmen kicked the other in heaven to wake him up. I thought that the movie was very powerful. I didn’t like the devils laugh. I think it was scary when the little girl got separated from her mom.

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2/7/95 Elementary School Journal



Today we will have pledges to the United States flag, the Christian flag, and the BIBLE. A pledge is like a promise I will promise to love GOD and the BIBLE and the United States of America.

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2/6/95 Elementary School Journal



Write directions for building a snowman. First you roll a big ball of snow up. Then you would roll another ball of snow and put it on top of the other one. Then you would roll another and put it on top and put eyes, a nose, a mouth, and arms. And a hat.

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