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Elembemedia.com is a place where I get to be myself. Some things will be links back to the original post, a la Daringfirball.net, and some will be original articles I write. I will post anything and everything so don’t be surprised what you see.

Luke and Bacall

A little about myself. I have been married since October of 2010 to my beautiful bride Bacall Burns. Check out her awesome site where she is blogging through the process of us paying off a massive amount of student loans. We have two great little dachshunds dogs named Ketchup and Henry. We treat them just like our kids, which we don’t have any yet, but hopefully soon. Message me with any questions you might have!

Video Game Profiles

Playstation Network: Elembe1337

Battle.net: Elembemedia#1448

Warthunder: Elembe1337

Steam: Elembemedia

Amazon Associate Links

I do link to products I use on amazon.com with my associates account. Most of the products are ones that I purchased and use for myself. A few have been offered to me by companies. All reviews and opinions are my own and I will specially call out when a product was given to me.

Other Websites In My Network

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