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3/16/95 Elementary School Journal



This has been named as National Poison Prevention Week by proclamation. What can you do at home to prevent accidental poisoning at home? Put the poison up high so little kids can’t get into it.

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3/14/95 Elementary School Journal


The birthday of Albert Einstein in 1879. He said “imagination is more important than knowledge”. What do you think he meant? He meant that imagination is important.

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3/13/95 Elementary School Journal


Today is the birthday of Percival Lowell. He lived from 1855-1916. He helped discover Pluto. The Lowell Observatory in Flag Staff, Arizona is named after him.

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3/10/95 Elementary School Journal


On this day in 1878 Alexander Graham Bell made the first telephone call to his assistant, Thomas Watson. What are the telephone rules at your house? Do not use the phone without permission.

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3/1/95 Elementary School Journal


This is the beginning of mission month. We are making a bracelet to go to Russia and raising money to support Stephanie Chamberlin, a freshman her at N.L.A. on her mission trip to Botswana.

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2/16/95 Elementary School Journal


This is Thursday. We will have computer at 3:00. One thing I have learned about computers is that you should never touch the screen.

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