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The ESO Alliance: Episode 4

Greetings ESO community, it’s time once again for us to let our powers combine and form the ESO Alliance, a roundtable podcast of community leaders from throughout Elder Scrolls fandom. As always, your regular hosts of The ESO Alliance are Evarwyn from Elder Scrolls Off the Record, Josh and Kyle from ShoddyCast, and myself (Atropos) from Tamriel Foundry. For this episode we are joined by the lovely Lady Nerevar, expert in all things TES and loremistress of The Imperial Library.

We’ll be examining a full slate of content, as a ton of stuff has happened in the past two months. The removal of the NDA and all the coverage which has followed, recent changes to the game’s starter experience, controversy regarding the role of addons in ESO, and our hopes, expectations, and plans for launch!

Via Tamriel Foundry

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Twitch Plays Pokemon ends in victory for the crowd

Twitch Plays Pokémon, the crowd-playing experiment in which thousands of people sought to win a game of Pokémon Red through a live-streaming site, has ended with victory for the players.

Following 16 days of play, attracting hundreds of thousands of concurrent players, the game came to an end, with players pooling their inputs to defeat the final Elite Four. A ticker on the Twitch Plays Pokemon page is currently counting down to the start of “a new adventure” due to begin Sunday morning.

Via Polygon

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New ESO Online Beta Invites

Today, we’re sending out more beta invites for an ESO scale test. If you receive an invite, there will be an extra beta code included that you can give to a friend to join you in Tamriel!

We will be in the beta this weekend and hopefully uploading a podcast Friday night over at Elder Scrolls Online Play Sessions.  Check it out.

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Templar Class Impressions

What makes the Templar better than every other class at healing? If you guessed that they had better heals, you would be wrong! In fact, templar heals aren’t better than other heals that other classes can get. Templars are the best because they have the most options available. Most of the other classes have access to around 6-7 possible healing abilities. Templars have easily double that number. Granted, you can’t use them all at once, but having access to the tools you need are what will set a good templar apart from the pack.

Via Tamriel Foundry

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A First Look at Group Dungeons In ESO

Alright, who’s excited after watching that? I think the dungeons of ESO have been spectacularly designed by the artists and designers at ZeniMax. I can say out of personal experience (some of which you have now witnessed) that they are very enjoyable! These way the dungeons are set up and the variety of mechanics that we’ve seen even in this first tier of dungeons is hugely reassuring of the capacity for ESO to have challenging and entertaining endgame PvE content for groups and raids. The Elder Scrolls Online is launching with 16 group dungeons, and 6 veteran mods for Veteran Level players. The veteran modes of these dungeons extend the story that is started in the normal mode of the instance, and each of Spindleclutch, Banished Cells, and Fungal Grotto have a Veteran mode that will have you re-visiting these locations after you reach level 50.

Via Tamriel Foundry

This gets me way excited.  I am a little sad at how short the dungeons look.

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PS4 firmware update adds support for wireless headsets

Update 1.60 will add support for both the standard Pulse and Pulse Elite Edition headsets, which offer 7.1 virtual surround sound and “crystal clear” voice chat, according to the company. A tweet from PlayStation Europe community manager Chris Owen notes the update will also make general stability improvements and add the ability to mute the PlayStation Camera.

Via Polygon

Might actually make me get one of these.

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War In Cyrodiil PvP Trailer

Today’s biggest announcement of the release date for The Elder Scrolls Online (April 4, 2014 for those of you who weren’t paying attention) was accompanied by the release of an epic new video from ZeniMax acting as a teaser for the PvP component of ESO‘s endgame. The “War In Cyrodiil” trailer showcases some epic footage of player vs. player combat, and gives fans a rough idea of what they can expect in Cyrodiil. Without further ado, enjoy the trailer!

Via Tamriel Foundry

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Tropico 5 coming to PS4

The title, fifth in the line of Tropico city-building and political management games, will make its debut on PlayStation platforms and next-generation consoles with the PS4 version. Kalypso noted in a press statement that Tropico 5 will “take full advantage” of the PS4’s unique hardware and controller features.

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