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Alright, who’s excited after watching that? I think the dungeons of ESO have been spectacularly designed by the artists and designers at ZeniMax. I can say out of personal experience (some of which you have now witnessed) that they are very enjoyable! These way the dungeons are set up and the variety of mechanics that we’ve seen even in this first tier of dungeons is hugely reassuring of the capacity for ESO to have challenging and entertaining endgame PvE content for groups and raids. The Elder Scrolls Online is launching with 16 group dungeons, and 6 veteran mods for Veteran Level players. The veteran modes of these dungeons extend the story that is started in the normal mode of the instance, and each of Spindleclutch, Banished Cells, and Fungal Grotto have a Veteran mode that will have you re-visiting these locations after you reach level 50.

Via Tamriel Foundry

This gets me way excited.  I am a little sad at how short the dungeons look.

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