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ESO Play Sessions 9: Craglorn 1.1.2

In this episode we catch up on the month off we took from ESO. We go over the latest patch notes, an article about canceling your subscription, must have addons, the latest Tamriel Chronicles, and the ESO poster collection. Jason talks about the latest in crafting and setting up a list of all his recipes.  And we go over all the addons that we use personally.

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Elembe Podcast 2: ESO, Diablo 3, KSP, And Contagion

On this episode I talk about Elder Scrolls Online, Diablo 3, Kerbal Space Program, and Contagion.

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Everything You Need To Know About Watch_Dogs In 3 Minutes

The initial demonstration showed a game trying to do provocative and original things with the popular open-world genre. For months, fans speculated about how the game would play and whether or not it would dig deep into the nation’s anxieties about surveillance. In 2013, Ubisoft partnered with Sony on a Watch Dogs and PlayStation 4 bundle, positioning Watch Dogs as the first major next-gen game. But a delay, one month before scheduled release, bumped Watch Dogs into 2014. Our own Brian Crecente recently found out why the game went into hiding.

With Watch Dogs available on May 27th — in so many pre-order forms — we thought it’d be worth while recapping this story of an expensive new franchise’s quest for existence. Here’s everything you need to know. (Watch on YouTube)

Also, here’s a quick car chase pulled from our time with Watch Dogs. Give it a watch!

Via Polygon

Cant wait for the reviews to come in. Still undecided on this one.

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Disneyland’s Original Prospectus Revealed!

Roy Disney — the Disney brother who controlled the company’s finances – — didn’t like the idea of Disneyland at first. Walt Disney poached the best talent from the studios to help him flesh out his idea for a new kind of amusement park, eventually winning over Roy, who helped him raise the $17 million it took to build Disneyland.

The first animator Walt took into the project was the legendary Herb Ryman. Over the course of a weekend in 1953, Walt and Herb drew the storied first map of Disneyland, as pictured here. An additional eight typed pages of description and sales copy were added to these pages and the resulting “brochure” was used as an unsuccessful pitch session that Walt and Herb conducted for three different New York bankers.

Read the full post and prospectus at Boing Boing

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New Blue Mic

Since starting all this podcasting I have really been wanting to get a new mic.  I have been using the mic on my Logitech gaming headset for now and it works alright, but stepping up to the Blue Yeti should make a big difference. My order just processed this morning so hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have it and can start the podcast with much better audio.


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Elembe Podcast 1: The Beginning

This is the first episode of my new podcast. Ill be talking tech, video games, movies, tv shows and more.

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