New Blue Mic

Since starting all this podcasting I have really been wanting to get a new mic.  I have been using the mic on my Logitech gaming headset for now and it works alright, but stepping up to the Blue Yeti should make a big difference. My order just processed this morning so hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have it and can start the podcast with much better audio.


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ESO Beta Live Stream

In around 1 hour we are going live with our coverage of the ESO beta.  We will be live streaming over at We should be streaming for a few hours and would love to have you join us in the chat.  And for all of our ESO Play Sessions check us out over at

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My New ESO Addon Manager

If theres one thing I like more than playing video games, its customizing the way they look. I love setting up and getting new add-ons for them.  I probably have 40 all setup in WOW and was starting to get a good amount for ESO. For WOW I use Wow Matrix to keep them all updated and just found out about Minion for ESO. I really like this add-on manager and when they add the ability to manage them for WOW I’ll probably dump Wow Matrix.

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My New Hand Built Modern Industrial Desk

Over the past week or so my dad and I started putting together a new desk for my office. I had wanted a new one for awhile but was unhappy with anything I was finding in stores or online.  I found some ideas for the galvanized pipe as the legs and then talked with my dad on how to make the desktops. It only took us about 2 days of work and then some time for the stain and finish to dry. Leave a comment if you have any questions.

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New ESO Play Sessions Podcast

We just released our first real episode of our new podcast Elder Scrolls Online Play Sessions.  If your interested check it out and let us know what you think.

Elder Scrolls Online Play Sessions: Episode 1

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Dev Play Session – ESO Group Content

The Elder Scrolls Online offers players the opportunity to explore Tamriel together for the first time. In this video, our developers take on some of the challenges designed for groups of allies in the game.

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Remove iCal Birthday Reminders

Here a little app I put together using applescript to remove any reminders that are added to your birthday calendar.  I somehow got a reminder on all of them and instead of going through one by one I decided to create this.  Hope this help someone else out.

Kill All Reminders

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