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ESO Play Sessions 6: Launch Day

This episode we are live in the game on launch day! We tell the story of waking up at 3:45 AM to reserve our names, our rings of Mara experience, and the differences between the beta and launch versions. Be sure to message us in game to get invited to the guild. Our ESO names are @Elembemedia, @Dietmeyer, and @Russmanh7. Also follow us on twitter @Elembemedia, @JasonDietmeyer, @RussellHalt. Here are some links from the show.

Entropy Rising of Tamriel Foundry Takes Emperorship

10 Things to know when you start ESO

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ESO Play Sessions 5: Are You Ready For Launch?

This evenings episode is Luke and Jason recapping everything before the game launches into early access this weekend. Please reach out to use on twitter @Elembemedia, or @Jasondieteyer with any questions. If you enjoy the show then please leave us comments on iTunes.

Here are some links from the episode.

Early Access and Launch FAQ:

AMA Recap

Dev Question Of The Week

Brush up on Elder Scrolls Lore

Cash Shop

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Infamous: Second Son Review: Drain You

I struggled with feeling let down that Second Son isn’t a brilliant shift for action games. My small disappointments come mostly as a result of undeveloped potential. It had a chance to be a superhero game about more serious issues as well as a showcase for the power of the new generation of consoles. Instead, Second Son is more of the Infamous I already loved last generation, prettier, with more powers and better writing. But Second Son still kept me excited to discover each new power set and happy to shoot fireballs at fascist thugs long into the night. Maybe it’s not so bad to just let go of responsibility and blow stuff up once in a while.

Via Polygon

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ESO Play Sessions 4: March 14th Beta Play

In this weeks episode we are live and in the beta. We start some new characters to see the new starting zone setup and then hop over to some older characters. Please let us know what you think, leave us comments, and review us in iTunes.

Here are some links from the show.

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ESO Beta Live Stream

In around 1 hour we are going live with our coverage of the ESO beta.  We will be live streaming over at We should be streaming for a few hours and would love to have you join us in the chat.  And for all of our ESO Play Sessions check us out over at

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My New ESO Addon Manager

If theres one thing I like more than playing video games, its customizing the way they look. I love setting up and getting new add-ons for them.  I probably have 40 all setup in WOW and was starting to get a good amount for ESO. For WOW I use Wow Matrix to keep them all updated and just found out about Minion for ESO. I really like this add-on manager and when they add the ability to manage them for WOW I’ll probably dump Wow Matrix.

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ESO Play Sessions 3.5: Promo For March 14th

No official podcast this evening. I wanted to get on and let everyone know that this upcoming Friday we are going to be live streaming and recording Elder Scrolls Online Play Sessions. We will be starting around 8:00PM and going for a few hours.  Check us out over at for the live stream.

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The ESO Alliance: Episode 4

Greetings ESO community, it’s time once again for us to let our powers combine and form the ESO Alliance, a roundtable podcast of community leaders from throughout Elder Scrolls fandom. As always, your regular hosts of The ESO Alliance are Evarwyn from Elder Scrolls Off the Record, Josh and Kyle from ShoddyCast, and myself (Atropos) from Tamriel Foundry. For this episode we are joined by the lovely Lady Nerevar, expert in all things TES and loremistress of The Imperial Library.

We’ll be examining a full slate of content, as a ton of stuff has happened in the past two months. The removal of the NDA and all the coverage which has followed, recent changes to the game’s starter experience, controversy regarding the role of addons in ESO, and our hopes, expectations, and plans for launch!

Via Tamriel Foundry

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ESO Play Sessions 3: 2014.03.06

In our third episode of Elder Scrolls Online Play Sessions we talk about last weekends beta. We dig deeper into PVP, the mages and fighters guild, game addons, crafting, and a little about the different alliances.

Here are some links from the show.

Tamriel Foundry

Beta Rumors of March 14th

ESO Wiki, Alliances

ESO Head

ESO Addons

Foundry Tactical Combat Addon

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My New Hand Built Modern Industrial Desk

Over the past week or so my dad and I started putting together a new desk for my office. I had wanted a new one for awhile but was unhappy with anything I was finding in stores or online.  I found some ideas for the galvanized pipe as the legs and then talked with my dad on how to make the desktops. It only took us about 2 days of work and then some time for the stain and finish to dry. Leave a comment if you have any questions.

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