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ESO Play Sessions 14: Console Launch

In the return of the ESO Play Sessions podcast the guys get together and talk while they play the launch of the console version of Elder Scrolls Online. Luke and Jason run through a couple low level dungeons and talk about making new characters. If you are liking the podcast please go to iTunes and leave a review. Check out our website over at elembemedia.com and try Audible and get two free audiobooks to help us out.

Sorry about the audio quality, Russell was having some technical issues so we just used teamspeak to record, next week will be back to the full quality.

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My Video Game Profiles

These are linked on my about me page but I wanted to throw them out here too. Please add me on any of the games and we can play together.

Playstation Network: Elembe1337

Battle.net: Elembemedia#1448

Warthunder: *Elembe1337

Elder Scrolls Online: @elembemedia

Steam: Elembemedia

Elembe Podcast 2: ESO, Diablo 3, KSP, And Contagion

On this episode I talk about Elder Scrolls Online, Diablo 3, Kerbal Space Program, and Contagion.

Check out our website over at elembemedia.com and try Audible and get two free audiobooks to help us out.

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An introduction to Elder Scrolls Online

I pre-ordered for the mac.  Let me know if your going to play and we can all group up.

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