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5/30/95 Elementary School Journal

All of us are dressing up like indians. We are acting like we are indians.


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5/25/95 Elementary School Journal

We are dressing up like Indians. I was having a fun time.


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5/23/95 Elementary School Journal



This is the last Tuesday of third grade. One of the things I have learned this year about time is it went fast.


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5/20/95 Elementary School Journal

Today we are at the Falfe Foster Museum. We are in the Discovery Zone.


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Thunderbums 13: Ciggybutt

Episode 13 is dedicated to Ciggybutt, who we played against in most of our matches this evening in War Thunder. All three of us get in and play some arcade, Jason flies his B-57, we try to land in Berlin, and have boat races.

Follow this link to signup for the game, and if you are liking the podcast please go to iTunes and leave a review. Check out our website over at elembemedia.com and try Audible and get two free audiobooks to help us out.

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Referral Spam: Sites You Should Block

So through the process of learning to build this site I have found that there is lots of spam you can get online. Akismet is a great plugin to stop comment and trackback spam but there is still the fact that lots of referral spam will show up in your analytics and mess up what you see for your traffic. I found a great post over at bradtollefson.com where he lays out which sites to block and show you how to use a great wordpress plugin to do so. I’m starting it right now and we’ll see how my traffic looks tomorrow. Check out the list below of sites to add.


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5/16/95 Elementary School Journal



This is the birthday of Nathan. Nathan wants to be a race car driver when he grows up. I want to be a baseball player when I grow up.

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5/14/95 Elementary School Journal

This is Ascension Day! Jesus left earth after 40 days. It is celebrated on a different day every year.

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Running Gear & iOS Health Apps

I have always considered myself a runner. I started running in jr. high and ran through high school as well. I was never the fastest, or could run the longest, but I always enjoyed it. I have always wanted to get back into running and finally have gotten the motivation and time to do it. For about the last month and a half I have been really using my iPhone 6 to track all kinds of aspects of my health, and it has made a huge impact on me already. I wanted to sit down and write a post about all the running gear and iOS health apps I use in my day to day life so maybe someone else can get some good from it as well.

Running Gear

Running GearI don’t know why, but I love buying new running gear. Since this new kick I have added a few new things that I totally love to my collection. My favorite of these is my Flip Belt. I used to run with an arm band but always hated it. It was always so awkward to have a phone strapped to the side of my arm, but with the Flip Belt it is awesome. I put my iPhone 6 in the front pouch and have never had it budge on me. I totally forget that I even have it on me. The reason I take my phone is two fold. One for me to use RunKeeper to track my run and millage, the other is to listen to music. I use a pair of Soundpeats Qy7’s while I run and I love them. I also just got a new pair of Nike Free 5.0’s. Its my first pair of super light running shoes and after a few runs in them my feet feel great and I forget I even have them on when I run. I have always had an issue with shin splints so I got a pair of compression calf guards which have made a huge difference. I got setup with some awesome socks that make my runs even more comfortable. Finish all that off with some running shorts and shirts from nike and I’m all set. All this in tow makes my runs really great and allows me to focus on the run itself and not having to mess with all the stuff I want to take along with me.

iOS Health Apps

iOS Health AppsI use about 9 different apps to track things all day long. The two most important are RunKeeper and Lifesum. I looked for a long time before settling down on these two apps. There are many competitors in the same space as them. RunKeeper gives me the most options and is already going to be compatible with my Apple Watch that should be here soon, and works great with all my running gear. Lifesum has the best UI of any calorie tracking app and makes it super simple to plug stuff in on the go and also helps me to make sure I am drinking enough water all day long. I use FitPort as a nice way to look at all my healthkit data and I use StepWise and Pedometer++ to track my steps all day long. The great thing about StepWise is that it adds active calories into healthkit which is really nice to track over time. I use Pillow to to track my sleep every night which gives me a great baseline start for how my day is going to be. The final apps are Wahoo 7 Minutes, Heart Rate by Runtastic and Buzz. These fill in the gaps where I need them.

All in all these apps help me keep my health organized, and it is really starting to make a difference. The iOS health apps that are out there are awesome, this is just a small taste of them all. I am already down 10 out of the 25 pounds I am hoping to loose.

Link Dump

FlipBelt – World’s Best Running Belt & Fitness Workout Belt
Mpow; Running Sport Sweatproof Armband Case
Soundpeats Qy7 V4.1 Bluetooth Mini Lightweight Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds
Nike Men’s Free 5.0 Running Shoe
2XU Non-Stirrup Compression Calf Guard
Saucony Men’s 6-Pack Performance No Show Socks
Nike Dri-Fit Fly Short 2.0
Nike Legend Dri-Fit Poly

Thunderbums 12: Weapons Of Victory Patch

The Weapons of Victory patch gets released for War Thunder and all three of us talk about all the new changes to the game. We play a bunch of arcade battles and hop into some test flights with some jets for the first time. Here’s the link to Thunderbums, the custom P-47 skin that Jason made.

Follow this link to signup for the game, and if you are liking the podcast please go to iTunes and leave a review. Check out our website over at elembemedia.com and try Audible and get two free audiobooks to help us out.

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